Want More Confidence at Work? Take the Challenge!

Leadership Development and Accountability

When was the last time you blocked out time to work on your professional and leadership development?

And by ‘worked on,’ I mean set aside scheduled time, and focused to building additional ‘soft’ skills to augment your career?

If you’re like most of my clients, it’s probably been a while. If ever.

The best of intentions to develop ourselves often go unrealized.

But why? They don’t have to.

You want to improve upon something or learn something new.

Often learning is easier if that ‘something’ is a tangible skill you can put to use in your role quickly - like learning a specific type of software. There’s a start date, a deadline, others are relying on you…you’ve got some guardrails around that learning to keep you moving forward.

But learning soft skills? Those leadership skills you know you need? Those ones that entice you out of your comfort zone…the ones where the only thing holding you accountable to growing them is you? The skills that no one may know you want to get better at?

That’s harder.

Harder to decide where to start.

Harder to commit.

And once you do, harder to stay the course. {there’s that accountability thing again}

Especially when we view these soft skills as big and challenging … the overwhelm from that perception makes it just that much harder to know where to start.

Where to Begin Building Confidence at Work

So here’s where I come in: I created the Confidence at Work Challenge - all video-based coaching that’s personal…directly to you from me.

Designed to help you get going on building those ‘soft’ leadership skills, especially confidence as a leadership skill.

The Challenge is free.

It’s only available for a month.

The Challenge is based on creating and taking those teeny baby steps - within a small time commitment of 15 minutes OR LESS per day for five days.

So the math on that?

An hour and fifteen minutes over a week.

Which I realize you could calculate yourself - but just in case you didn’t.

I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have an hour and fifteen minutes to spare this week!”

Well, here’s even better news - those 15 minutes for five days? The days don’t even have to be consecutive.

If you miss a day, no worries - just watch the next video when you can…pick right up where you left off.

The beauty of these small time blocks is they have exponential return-on-effort.

Confidence = Attention + Intention

Here’s why:

When we give our attention (mental focus) to something with intention (determination to get better), that equals progress, even without doing anything else.

Movement forward.

I’ve even heard ‘magic.’

Because your view changes. Your perspective shifts.

Opportunities to practice come into your view - and you have new tools to use with them.

So that fifteen minutes you spent that morning building the confidence skill?

You get to apply that, practice all day long.

Multiply that over five days?

Wow. Changes, transformation, evolution.


That’s why these little chunks of time really add up. 15 minutes of intention - and then attention equals the building and strengthening of your confidence muscles.

Try it. I challenge you.