Heidi Lumpkin

It all started when...

I left my executive job in September 2016, steering my own career in a new direction.  


The vision for 'Friday's Open' came to me while scheduling one of a seemingly infinite number of conference calls...wouldn't it be great to be able to say "Friday's open" and mean that I had flexibility in my work and travel - and subsequently, in my life? 

So I upped my own confidence, left my corporate job, and made 'Friday's Open' a reality.

 And now I help others determine and realize their leadership confidence goals.  

I'm a partner in transforming lives.  

And WOW, what a thing to be able to say I get to do.

My clients are good at their jobs.  Really good.  They're usually in the early-to-middle stages of their careers at high profile companies or companies of their own.  Both men and women...self-doubt and the imposter syndrome are equal-opportunity mental realities.

Initially, I expected to coach clients wanting to work on leadership skills.  

Skills like effective, powerful and succinct communication.  

Powerful executive presence.  

Big goals that required an accountability partner.  

And that did happen.

But time and time again, we'd start down one path during an Inspiration Session and end up with the most useful coaching focus being this one thing:  increasing confidence at work.  

Together, we'd uncover this underlying current of chronic self-doubt: a lack of confidence that caused them to "shrink" - to be quiet in meetings - to be almost invisible - to freeze in certain situations - not tell their managers how they contributed to the business for fear of 'bragging - to not advocate for or show up in full for themselves in their meetings, jobs, companies, lives.

 Again, they were good - even great - at their jobs.

But they were also stuck in their own heads, in a swirl of negative thoughts that were masquerading as reality.

I came across this need over and over.

In my own life and with clients, I created a few simple shifts and intentional actions that create momentous results.  

Most people who search for ways to gain more confidence at work might read a book, Google some tips on the topic and try a couple things like 'acting as if' - and that can work for a while.  But these practices aren't sustainable change.  

They're just that: practices, not behaviors or habits.

What does work long-term is a program that involves deliberate, defined, guided practice, habit stacking, continued support and affirmation.  

And the results can happen surprisingly quickly...

real innate confidence really does beget confidence.

Funny how that happens. 

Here's some examples with real clients (with a nod to confidentiality):     

One client found the courage to become a mentor, an integral step to management at her organization.  She now has the confidence to share her business contributions with her manager without feeling like she's bragging.  No more hoping the work speaks for itself and expecting the manager to read her mind. Now her manager's confidence in her abilities have grown, setting her on a path for that coveted promotion.
Another client found that by practicing simple shifts in perception and thought, he is feeling so much more confidence in his new role and it shows - others now seek him out for his expertise. He applies this practice throughout the day. He's seeing more confidence in his personal life too.

I research, learn, test, apply, and repeat.  And I mold my knowledge into actionable steps so my clients enjoy transformation and confidence.

Are you ready to say no to that nagging, negative voice?  To say no to imposter syndrome?  

To say no to letting your career just happen to you, organically?

To LET GO of what is holding you back?

Are you ready to say yes?  

To OWN IT at work?  To bring forth your authentic, natural leadership strengths?

To say yes to focus, direction, clarity?

Let's go!  I'll be with you every step of the way.


Want the Ultimate Guide to more confidence at work?

(yes, you do)


kind words.

'I was in a senior position with a small start-up company...feeling undervalued and underpaid.  My personal values were misaligned with the company and I engaged Heidi to explore this dilemma. She got me 'unstuck.'  She's very results-oriented and helps you discover your inner confidence, easily pulls things out of you to view in a different, more positive light.  I achieved the confidence and ability to explore other career options and opportunities that are aligned with my skills, values, experience and authentic self.  Everyone needs a coach who can help uncover the true you and work with you every step of the way.  Heidi does it with expertise, humor and grace.'
- Julie Leutschaft, VP Sales & Business Development, Gourmet Foods Manufacturer
'(Coaching) really made me look within myself.  Makes you think outside your comfort zone, many many layers to uncover.'
- Mary Ziemer, Independent Property Manager
I sought Heidi’s coaching as I was going through an exciting, but demanding career transition. She constantly challenged me and held me accountable to my goals, and provided tools for moving forward. She is particularly good at helping you get out of your own way! After only our second call I could tell I felt more optimistic and confident. I’m so grateful for her insight and experience.
- Lauren T., Boutique PR and Marketing Agency Owner
I needed clarity.  Heidi always has thought behind what she says, I have learned so much from her.  She is amazing...period!
- M. W., Sales Executive
'I needed a professional to help me really focus on key career accomplishments.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her...I've gained the confidence boost I needed to really put myself out there.  I so appreciate her help!!!'
- Fashion Merchandising Executive, NYC
'She helped me focus on where I am headed and how I would like that to be.  Interesting way to regroup, see if you're following the path that will fulfill your life best.  
If stuck, a great way to move forward.'
- C. F., Retired
'Instead of feeling general unhappiness, I now know which areas I need to focus on.  The analysis of satisfaction with categories of my life was excellent.'
-Andrea Steele, Speech Pathologist