Want More Confidence at Work? What Coaching Is

"Everybody is a Coach!"

Such a buzzword nowadays...Coaching.  

"Hey, I'm a coach!"

"I'm a life coach."

Seems like everybody's a coach.  

And I'm one too.  

I'm in a Facebook group for all kinds of entrepreneurs and someone asked, "Am I in the right group?  Seems like everybody in here is a coach but I'm not." 

Why does it seem like most entrepreneurs these days are coaches?

leadership coaching - what to work on

'Coaching' may be a buzzword, but good, solid coaching and coaches are worth their weight in gold.


Great coaches and great coaching get results for their clients.  

Life-changing outcomes.  

"Life-changing outcomes?"  I hear you ask. 


But What Does Coaching Mean?

Being a coach is not like being, say, a CFP where there are specific certifications and continuing education required to maintain that certification ...the life and leadership coaching industry is unregulated. 

And the term coaching means different things to everyone.  

I completed the Registered Corporate Coach (TM) certification program in 2010 through The World Association of Business Coaches.  I say this not to tell you "I'm legit because I'm certified!" although a certification can lend to credibility. 

But I don't think a coach has to be certified to be good.

For example, a 'sales coach' may provide guided training and support for someone learning to be a better salesperson.  That approach wouldn't necessarily involve strategic questioning as the main construct, although it may be a part of the program.

How I like to explain how I coach:  I partner with client and guide discovery of defining goals, where the client is now, and the gap to the goal. 

We then look at ways to lessen the gap, mapping out an action plan and then taking small steps to normalize the new actions.  


How do you know you're ready for a coach?  There are four questions to ask yourself to find out.




What Should I Work on with My Coach?

Here are some common themes, in no particular order:

  1. Confidence: This is a skill that we call a 'keystone' habit - one that when improved acts as a foundation for all others. Many leaders I work with say that 'more confidence' is the one thing that would make the most difference in their lives. Includes imposter syndrome and perfectionism.

  2. Leadership Skills: Common goals include an increase in many facets that make up executive presence - especially communication skills (verbal, written, presentation), increasing the ability to influence others (in decisions and motivation), strategic thinking and decision making (particularly when coming from an individual contributor role).

  3. Career Development: Negotiating a raise, getting a promotion, determining direction for the next ten+ years, job engagement.

  4. Productivity - 'having it all,' overwhelm, velocity.

'Do I Need a Leadership Coach?'

...you ask? 

Well, my answer is:  Do you want significant, quick and lasting results? 

Of course you do. 

Then hire a coach. 

How much is the outcome or goal attainment worth to you? 

When you partner with a coach and you do the work, chances are pretty great you will get results - either the results you were looking for, near that, or in come cases, even greater results than you had hoped.

Yes, it's important to hire a solid, talented coach who can help you get there, certification or not.  And the time spent in session with your coach can be illuminating.  

I often find the 'magic' around coaching happens in-between those sessions too...when you practice, when you reflect, when you take those baby (or big) steps towards your goal.

If you're ready to really 'up your game' at work or in any area of your life, hire a coach.