Want More Confidence at Work? Try the 'Knock 'Em Dead' Mind Trick

I worked with this guy many moons ago who had been in the executive placement industry. 

He had recommended the best interviewing book at the time called Knock 'Em Dead Job Interview...which I still recommend today (especially the flashcards) to anyone honing the skill of interviewing well.

But I digress...because what I really wanted to share with you today is the best interviewing advice the guy I worked with gave me. 

Which really turned into some of the best advice I ever got (considering it's 23 years later and I'm still sharing it.)

And I share it when it's applicable to situations besides interviewing.

Which is a lot of other situations.


So here it is:

Imagine the interviewer is so darned excited that you are there...that you are answering these questions so well...that you are exactly who she is looking for...she is TURNING CARTWHEELS in her head while interviewing you.

She is SO darned excited.


She has to temper her excitement about you being the perfect fit.

She may not be showing that with her verbal tone or facial expressions, but rest assured, she feels it.

That's it.  That's some of the best advice I ever got and it's been serving me ever since.

This is really a visualization technique:  Assuming the best. 

Mind-reading to your good.  (Usually when we're mind-reading we are thinking the opposite, aren't we?)

Imagine actually thinking this about the other person in your next interview.  In your next meeting.  On your next date. 

That s/he is turning proverbial cartwheels in his/her head about you.

How might that change how you show up?

How might it change the outcome?