Confidence at Work: SOS!

I suffer from SOS.

Shiny Object Syndrome. 

It's common these days, I know.  Among leaders, followers, everyone.  So much coming at us - great information!  I save stuff in Pocket, on Pinterest Boards, Evernote and Keep.  Oh, and Chrome Bookmarks.  Facebook 'saves'.

An IT guy took one look at my hard drive and called me a 'digital hoarder.'

And that's the thing.  It's great info. 

I'm also a 'tabber'...guilty of having about 20 webpages open at a time.

But I can't possibly read/use/cull/curate/plan/implement it all.

So here's what I do...can't tell you who first said this quote, it may have been Robert Kiyosaki or John Lee Dumas who said FOCUS.


Well, no kidding.  But FOCUS as an acronym:


Really applies to us here, doesn't it?

Just pick one little thing.  One small step.  

And do it.  

Every day. 

And the key?

Don't do anything else but that till you master it.

What could change for you if you FOCUS?

PS. I think I'm getting this as a reminder: