Confidence at Work Key#2: Maintain Your Mantra

Ahh...a mantra.  Usually a word, or even a sound, used repeatedly to continued focus.  "Om" comes to mind.

When I started out last year, leaving my big safety net of a corporate job, it was from a company I'd been with for 16 years.  SIXTEEN.  Rare these days. 

So much growth, many trials, some many friends and some annoying people over that tenure.  But the company was hard to leave. 

A THIRD of my life at that company.

I had a vision for what I wanted outside of a 9 to 5 (really a 7 to 5:30, and some days a 5 to 5), but I was scared too. 

The Mantra Reminder

In the past when I've had recurring angst, a personal mantra or saying has changed everything.

 And not just HAVING a mantra, but putting it in front of myself as a constant reminder has kept me centered, reminding me of my champion and what she's capable of.

This was always one of my favorites:

she thought she could.jpg

I don't know who said it originally.

So to keep it at the forefront {outside of getting a tattoo} I got this:

I wear it every day.

It's getting a bit worn.  The saying dangles a bit so it's not for all to see...just a little secret or pact with myself.

This year I'm switching it up. 

The Confidence Mantra

My mantra is 'movement.' 

It has a two-fold meaning for me - first, movement forward in my business, every single day, crafting confidence for with my clients.  Also, it's a reminder to get off the couch.

I think I'm getting this cool stainless one for 2018.

What about you? 

What's your saying or mantra for 2018?  How will you keep it in front of you?  

What does your mantra inspire in you?

Need the rest of How to Be Confident at Work?  {you do}  Download the guide here.