Confidence at Work: Can You Spare 3 Minutes?

Want more confidence at work? 


Can you spare 3 minutes a day? 

Yes.  {If the answer's not yes, we should probably talk about productivity.}

This is the ONE exercise that my clients say made the biggest difference in their perspective, how they felt and their confidence level - fast.

It starts with 6 minutes over two days...and then it keeps going.  For the rest of your life, if need be.  But likely not.

I call it The Three Things, and it's a tool that's a part of the Ultimate Guide I wrote, How to Be Confident at Work .

Here's what you do:

Every single day, write down three things you did well. 

That's it.

I know, seemingly ridiculously simple right?  But there’s some nuances here that are very important to this practice. 


We’re not talking about a gratitude journal. 

Practicing 'an attitude of gratitude' is a great thing and you can have more joy in your life if you do it. 

But if you think about the things we’re grateful for, usually they’re things that happen to us, or happen by luck, or happen by chance, or they’re already in your life  – maybe due to an extenuating factor.

We’re looking for something else here – we’re looking for direct cause and effect

That’s a very different thing. 

Things you caused.  By your behavior.

Writing down three things you did well - daily - is the one habit that has made the biggest difference for my clients. 

Whether you’re working to lessen imposter syndrome, or creating more confidence at work to accelerate your own growth, this simple and powerful habit can change your life. 


You're training your brain. 

Building new neural pathways, if you want to get right down to it.

That's why results can happen so quickly - by setting aside a defined time, your subconscious starts looking for evidence of things you’re doing well during your day.  


How to Be Confident at Work

How to Be Confident at Work

You're actually training your brain to accentuate all the things you are good at, the things you already do - the things you aren't giving yourself credit for. 

And then you recognize those things, and start doing more of them. 

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can be skeptical.  That's okay. 

And then you can try it. 

Should I dare you?

The muscle grows when you lift the weight, whether you want it to or not.


PS. These are my favorite journals (they come in either dotted pages, lined, or plain - I'm impressed if you can keep your lines straight without a guide) ~ and remind me to tell you how to work this practice into Bullet Journaling, if you're into that.