Heidi Lumpkin
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Get a "Boost" in your leadership.

If you're like most of my clients, you're good at your job. 

Actually, you're probably GREAT at it.

So what's holding you back from being that leader you're meant to be?  From getting to the next level?  From moving forward confidently...in your decisions...in your role...in your life?

The Boost is a comprehensive leadership coaching package designed to get BIG, TANGIBLE results QUICKLY, working with your busy schedule to keep you on track towards what you want to achieve and all that is possible for you.

How it works:

1.  Determine you're ready to let go of what's been holding you back(you don't even need to know what it is).  Decide you're ready to take action.  Sign up!

2.  I'll send you a short series of prelearning to help you prepare for your Foundation Call.  Schedule your Foundation Call.

3.  We'll spend ~45 minutes together on our Foundation Call.  At the end of that call, you'll emerge with clarity, focus and direction towards what you want to achieve.

4.  Take action!  Practice.  I'll be supporting you with resources and feedback!

5.  About two weeks later, schedule a midpoint call...we discover what's working, what's not, and recalibrate together.  You'll emerge with motivation and renewal to keep going.

6.  Take action!  Practice!  I support you every step with resources and feedback.

7.  When you're ready, about two weeks later, we meet to celebrate success, learn from lessons, and determine how to maintain your momentum!

Maybe you've heard from others about great coaching experiences, or you're curious about what coaching can do for you - this is the perfect package to take action and get results!

Let's do this!

Confidence and Leadership 

Coaching Program:  'Own It' at Work

A comprehensive leadership coaching program designed for maximum results within a realistic time commitment for professional schedules.  

Program results can be reached in as little as EIGHT weeks with an average of 20 minute per day time investment.  

Schedule an Inspiration Session Today.

In under an hour, we'll:

Explore areas of potential focus

Narrow down attainable goals that, when met, will have the most impact for you

Map out a simple plan of action for results

Determine best next steps towards the results you desire

Steer Your Career

Coaching Program

A customized, flexible and affordable coaching package with a convenient monthly investment.  Focused, accountable, weekly action leading to clarity, direction and powerful goals.

It will likely charge your career, and just might change your life.

We'll start with an inspiration session and gain momentum with weekly action and coaching support.  Reach your goals faster (with help determining exactly what they are).  

Three month commitment to start and continue with the program for as long as you need.