"Do I need a professional résumé writer?"

The answer is (almost always) yes.  

(Unless you're that one guy from Texas who sent me his résumé for review and it was well-written, concise and modern.  There wasn't much I could do for him.)

But to 99% of you:  You need a professional résumé writer.

Here's why:  you're too close to it.  It's difficult to look objectively at your own career experience to represent it——effectively——on paper. If yours is like most I see, your current résumé is responsibilities-based, not accomplishment-based.  You're proud of your work history (and you should be!), so you've included too many positions...going back beyond the irrelevant.  "Hey, I did so much at that job!"  You're right!  So you tell a potential reader all about it. But then you want to make it more readable, so you add 43 bullet points, thinking that helps.  And there may be passive phrases like, "Responsible for...".  And if you haven't changed the format in the last couple of years, it's likely circa 2005, which won't even get past the Applicant Tracking Systems these days. 

If by chance you do grab someone's attention, your reader didn't make it past the first half, if you're lucky. Usually, it's just the first third.

I know...ouch!

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED IN THE JOB HUNTING WORLD since you probably last wrote your résumé.  You need to modernize it to fully represent the accomplished, dynamic professional you are.  

That's where I come in.

I'm a former executive, hiring manager, business writer and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer.  I've reviewed and written hundreds of résumés.

Send me yours.  

I'll give you a courtesy professional opinion of where I believe your résumé needs to improve and how I personally would create your new career marketing documents.  And then I'll create a customized quote to meet those needs.  Résumés don't always need to be entirely rewritten - I prefer to incorporate your own language where it makes sense.  After all, you are the one most familiar with the job and a résumé is truly personal.  Your quote will reflect the amount of rewrite needed to get you where you need to go. Most résumé and cover package investments range from $349 ~ $489.

I'll deliver your first drafts within five business days of payment.  Then the collaboration between us continues - we'll work together until the documents are completely "you," reflecting your experience and potential in the most compelling, readable way. Yes!


Not sure of the where/when/how of your next career step?  Or maybe even the what?  

Prior to putting your experience to paper on a résumé, coaching can make a huge difference in your direction, engagement and satisfaction in your career and your life.  Let's talk!  Together, we can find clarity and direction for you and an action plan to make it happen.


KIND WORDS FROM MY résumé clients:


Thank you so much...my résumé now looks amazing!
— Brigitte
What you have produced is far greater than my original. I know I couldn’t have done half as well as you did.
— Walter
My first impression and reaction upon reading these? Wow...I’d hire me. Good job!
— Michael
The résumé almost made me cry! What a difference.”
— Bree
Thank you for all of your help; I’m very happy with how it turned out!
— Angela
The résumé looks great to me. You have done an exceptional job.
— John J.
WOW. Both the cover letter and résumé look amazing. I am very satisfied with the outcome. I’d like you to write my wife’s.”
— Rodney