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Be visible, face the fear and #ownit at work and in your career.


If you don't steer your career...

Someone or something else will.  Like fear.  Or chance. 

Or that nagging lack of confidence and chronic self-doubt that seems to always show up.  

Hi.  I'm Heidi Lumpkin.  I help people who are good at their jobs:

  • Be confident at work
  • Figure out their best next steps towards the career and life they want and
  • Create the courage to take those steps.

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Steer Your Career...

What does that even mean?  

It means that your career can either happen to you, by good (or bad) luck...leaving it up to chance. 

Or you can design it:  Intentionally.  

Get confident.  Build your skills.  

Bring forth who you really are.

In short, OWN IT.

And I like it because it rhymes.


If you:

1. Get clear and intentional with what you want

And you:

2. Get out of your own head

Which helps you:

3. Get out of your own way

And you:

4. Take action, every...single...day

... you can get the confidence you need at work and put yourself on a career path you desire.

I'm a professional leadership coach, partnering with clients to transform their confidence levels at work and about work. 



And the results created by my clients amaze me.

Let's partner...  

Together, we'll steer your career.